How to make an Unanchored Part not delayed when moving

I want to make a custom game where you have to drag an unanchored part to the end. But whenever I move the part, it’s delayed.

How can I fix this delay?

Can you send the script? character limit

There is no script, just an unanchored part that you can move around and is delayed.

Then how does the game work? There has to be some kind of script about it for it to work. Or maybe you haven’t got that far yet, idk. But if there’s no script, you can’t fix it because it’s built into the Roblox Core Scripts.

Lower the mass of the part



Are you using a DragDetector?

In that case, just turn DragDetector.Responsiveness up to like 100-200 and there should be no delay. Tweak it to fit your needs.

You’re welcome : )

Set network owner to the player

Do you mean you just move like, just by touching? Like game about Sisyphus?

Yeah, but it’s not Sisyphus but the part is delayed that’s the problem.

No I’m not using DragDetector. I want the players to move the Part with their characters.

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