How to make arms face mouse?

  1. Ok. I have a hold animation that plays when the tool is equipped. I used a script to change the c0 of the shoulder motor 6d. It works but problem is, when you aim to high up or too low, the arms would look really weird and only if you aim straight then the animation would look normal. I want the holding animation to play even though the hands are facing another direction. I want the the hands and tool to face the mouse position while still having that holding animation.
    can anyone help me?
    its been 2 days

this is the problem:

I see no problem with it… can you tell me what the problem in it is? and send the script?

Try modifying the transform of the waist Motor6D instead of each arm.

Its an r6 avatar there is no waist properties

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look at the right arm and left arm, the arms stray from the holding animation when i look up or down