How to make avancend script like in Elemental Batlleground?

I’m wondering how scripts works in Elementall Batlleground.
I tried to copy them (I only did it for learning purpores)
But the results was horrible so I don’t know what they using, Maybe the using OOP (Orianted Object Programming)? , Well I tried do my best but nothing new.
So if there is anyone good scripter in OOP or in global, I will appreciate a help or respond!
I would like to teach new things.
Thank for any respond!
(PS: I’m doing game like Elemental Batllegrounds I just want enchance my skills with scripting)

Wether or not u use OOP won’t change if the script will be good or not. OOP is just a technique to organize your scripts. So wether they use OOP or not doesn’t really matter.


Just because the result didn’t go as expected doesn’t mean you learned. As you said, “I just want to enhance my skills in scripting”.

As for using OOP or not, it really depends. As @LukaDev_0 said, it is for organizing your scripts. You can think as OOP as a tool, not something really you needed right away. You may think popular games uses OOP, probably or probably not. Either way, it is just how you script it and solve problems.

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Although OOP is certainly good in some terms, it can very much hinder development if used incorrectly. Same goes for the other way around, it mostly depends on how you use that tool.

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