How to make billboard guis not expand with distance

I just want the billboard gui to stay the same with distance, I want the billboard GUI to stay the same wether the player is 5 studs away or if the player is 50 studs away. Thoughts?

Use offset instead of scale when sizing the billboard gui.

It just disappears (character limit)

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What do you mean by it disappears? Do you mean when you go to far away it vanishes, or do you mean that as soon as you change the size it dissapears?

If the billboard gui disappears when you get to far away just set the max display distance to math.huge or a ton of 9s

I fixed the disapperasing thing but the size won’t change. I can change the size offset to 50,50 but it still stays the same size

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Oh I was confused by your original post. I though you wanted the billboard to never change in size.
To make it always scale with distance you use scale instead of offset when sizing.

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