How to make bodymovers move straight without rotating?

I’m making the car move by using a BodyVelocity. But apparently, it rotates the car while it was moving and that’s an unintentional thing. Using CFrames to move and making it anchored won’t help since I want to apply to interact with physics.

Video problem:

I tried to make the car massless, anchoring it doesn’t work, I’m basically stuck to what I’m doing at the moment to get it fixed by myself.

A BodyVelocity may not be your best choice. As the wiki states, try a BodyForce or a BodyThrust instead. The BodyThrust allows torque to be applied.

try BodyGyro

Nevermind, I got it fixed because moving the CFrame of the skateboard repeatedly while it’s anchored. I’m assuming that happened because of the parts that collide with it (road), that probably causes it.