How to Make Character Weights Consistent (Set Bundle Weight)

I tried searching the forum for answers, but I wasn’t really able to find anything very conclusive. If I want to create a bunch of gravity altering tools with different gravity levels, what is the best way to make this affect all of players the same amount? This is a problem because it seems that the catalog bundles have different weights than the default character, which makes some players more affected than others. If I set all of the character’s parts to be massless, both the normal character and bundle character have equal masses, but any change in the player’s gravity sends them accelerating upwards.

Edit: Solved by taking a ratio of the player’s mass to the tested character’s mass and multiplying by the tool’s force


Make all the characters massless except the HumanoidRootPart. The HumanoidRootPart has a mass property like any other part. You can’t edit this property, but you can turn on CustomPhysicalProperties to edit the part’s density and the more dense the part the less they’ll be effected by forces put on them. You can play with the numbers and see what works best for you. So lets say the total volume of a HumanoidRootPart is 10 and the density you’ve set is 1 and another HumanoidRootPart has a volume of 5 then having the density at 2, should make them be effected by physical forces the same because then the mass would be the same. mass = density * volume