How to make custom name for gui?

Hey! I’m trying to make custom cameras (For SCP projects), when player takes item and clicks on character there will appear a gui that will say “How you want to name camera?” and if player clicks “X” it will automatically name “Camera #1” or, if player writes name (any word) it will name with anything player wrote. (Text in TextLabel)
So, how do I make it?

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Pretty simple. You just need to have the idea for it. So, you have the idea, and this is how I assume the script is gonna be.

X.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function() -- When the X button is clicked.
    if textBox.Text == "" or nil then -- Basically if the player didn't write anything then
        textLabel.Text = "Camera #1" -- Renames it if the player didn't write the name
        textLabel.Text = textBox.Text -- Else it just sets the textLabel's text to the text box's text.
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