How to make cvt transmission with ac6

I’ve been using my own method to make cvt cars using ac6 but it didnt work so can someone tell me whats the settings for cvt transmission using ac6?

is ac6 a plugin? model?
implementing a cvt sounds like a nightmare if you’re talking real math, if it’s just for the sound can you make ac6 just pretend the vehicle has a single gear?

Dude in trying to make cvt gear ratio for ac6 chassis so its like this

Final gear: ?
Reverse: 1

1: ?

a cvt has no drive or reverse gear ratio, it’d be a clutch for reverse. If ac6 chassis is a model designed for traditional gearboxes to accelerate it will likely require a pretty large rewrite of it to allow it to emulate a cvt.
If you’re looking for a unit of acceleration from standstill to top speed, you may be able to make your own function for a graph representing the slip ratio between the primary and secondary variator a cvt may be at with x = current speed and y = engine rpm over wheel turns
though this would have to assume many factors like grade and resistance being 0, it’d be unrealistic up/down hills without more work