How to make echo effect in tunnels?

i want to make echo effect in the tunnels.can you help me please

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thanks but can you add example plase? i am new in scripting and i dont know sounds

You don’t need to script anything, you can just insert an EchoSoundEffect instance inside of the Sound instance which is being played.


ok thanks
and can i add this when i am under part or tunnel?(sorry for asking a lot of questions)

I made a script like this but how to run it when player is under the part?
game.SoundService.DistanceFactor = 99999
game.SoundService.DopplerScale = 99999
game.SoundService.AmbientReverb = 20
game.SoundService.AmbientReverb = “ConcertHall”

dunno if you still need it but I made a model: TunelSound A chassis - Roblox

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