How to make game more fun

My game, Dropper of Death, has some boring aspects. I need to know what parts make it boring and how to make it more fun. Some players tell me it gets boring after a while of playing.


The things I would suggest you doing: changing GUIs a little, adding more stages, removing HD (it looks unprofessional). I don’t have more ideas lol.

Edit: also levels are unbalanced (some of them are too hard and other - too easy). Even when you pass more difficult level, you still get the same number of points.

Edit2 (if this haven’t been implemented): make a system that first player gets the most points and then next player less, another next player less than previous etc.


The UIs arent very… eye catching.
I’d work on them a bit,

And the drops are really REALLY short, and some of the hitboxes on the noob level is a bit broken


Ok, I’ll try and make some longer droppers, and fix up the UI. The UI was kind of rushed.

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Alright I’ll spend some time balancing out the droppers, mostly making them harder because a lot of them are really easy.


The game is lowering in like/dislike ratio everyday because of the difficulty of the droppers. The problem is, if I make it easier, it’ll be boring for those that are skilled. If I make it harder, then it’ll be too hard for those who aren’t skilled. But I can’t perfectly balance it out so I’m not sure what to do.

Maybe when a character hits a kill part/pillar, they have a small camera effect on them (eg a camera shake when hit, a small nausea effect when dropping too fast) and maybe better player feedback. Particles, perhaps?

Sure, maybe I’ll raise the FOV when the player is dropping, and add a blur or shake effect when the player dies.