How to make game more social?

I’ve made a simulator game that gets a few people to join each day, but I don’t think that the game is social enough, as in players don’t invite their friends and play with them. I don’t know if the game isn’t cooperative or not, or if players simply don’t know that they can get better at the game if they play with a friend.

So how can I get players to invite friends? I made a sign in the first area of the game that prompts players to invite friends, and I explained on the sign that they get a buff in the game while playing with a friend. I also put a few interactable things around the map, like something where a player can start an event for everyone in the server, and another thing where players can donate in-game currency to build a structure, and when everyone donates enough, they all get a reward. Is this not enough?

What do you think? Here’s the game link:

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Well, your game is very well made. The UI is appealing and it’s not really PTW. I would say it’s kind of singleplayer in the sense that you would play just fine in a server by yourself as a opposed to a server with other people in it. Maybe you could add trading or a benefit when collaborating with other people to collect something? I think it’s a step in the right direction that you added something where you get a buff when inviting friends but I don’t think that’s enough.

That’s just what I think. I hope this helped!


I think players prefer to play with server players than with their friends.
I liked your game is original.