How to make instanced object immediately animate itself

So I have an FPS viewmodel that will instance itself (in a localscript) when the player holds LeftShift. I want an animation to immediately play as soon as the viewmodel is instanced. But for some reason, every time the viewmodel is instanced, there are a few frames where it isn’t in it’s animated position (it’s in a default position), and after those few frames, it shifts itself to it’s animated position. How do I eliminate those few frames in it’s default position?

robloxapp-20210403-0947400.wmv (1.1 MB)

Sorry for the lag, I am using the ROBLOX recorder.

I’ve seen this in a post somewhere. I believe you can control it by setting the fade time to zero in AnimationTrack | Roblox Creator Documentation in order to instantly transition towards the next animation without a delay in those frames.

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It solved the problem, kinda. It still had the problem, but I used game:GetService("ContentProvider"):PreloadAsync() to preload the viewmodel and it works.