How to make it find enemy backpack

how to make it find enemy backpack this is my script

local char = Player.Character
	local hum = char.Humanoid

	local ignorelist = {} 

	local Hitbox = script.Hitbox:Clone()
	Hitbox.Parent = game.Workspace
	Hitbox.CFrame = char.PrimaryPart.CFrame *,0,Hitbox.Size.Z/2 * -1)
	local Connection 
	Connection = Hitbox.Touched:Connect(function(hitpart)	
		if not hitpart:IsDescendantOf(char) then
			if hitpart.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
				local enemy = hitpart.Parent
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You can sue Players | Roblox Creator Documentation to do it, the character is equal the character model which is usually hitpart.Parent if a humanoid has already been found, keep in mind this also detects NPC’s so another if statement is required. Then once the player instance is found you can do player.Backpack

if you want more accuracy you can use hitpart:FindFirstAncestorWhichIsA(“Model”) as well to get the character model if it hits an accessory somehow.

how should i change to enemy backpack?

local enemy = hitpart.Parent
local enemyPlr = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(enemy)
local enemyBackpack = enemyPlr.Backpack -- Enemy backpack

I think this should do it?

this happen in output

Is the enemy a player? or an npc?

is a enemy i hit him and the output print this

I have high confidence that the hitpart.Parent is equal to an accessory which tend to mess up these detections or npc.
debug with prints and use an if statement to filter out those scenarios.

local enemy = hitpart:FindFirstAncestorWhichIsA("Model")
local enemyPlr = game:GetService("Players"):GetPlayerFromCharacter(enemy)
if enemyPlr then

local enemyBackpack = enemyPlr.Backpack -- Enemy backpack
warn("Enemy player not found! Probably an enemy NPC with no backpack or unrelated part, the hit item is: ",hitpart,enemy)