How to make model appear on its side?

So I made this simple c4 system,

(click on gif if it doesnt open)
And as you can see the c4 is weirdly placed when I tried to place it onto a wall, I’d like to rotate it. Does anyone know how I could do it?
I’m not asking for code, but rather for “the way” it can be done.
Ty for answering <3

If you use raycasting, you could cast a ray from your camera to your mouse’s position, and use the surface normal from the result to set the rotation for the C4 using CFrame.

Here’s a link to a roblox article since I am bad at explaining: Raycasting | Roblox Creator Documentation.

Ill probably make some code later

You can multiply the objects CFrame using CFrame.Angles depeding on the orientation of the part your mouse hits.

I never thought of that, and it’s probably a better idea than mine since raycasting is expensive