How to make model like this in Roblox Studio?

Screen Shot 2564-07-21 at 12.30.48

Thank for helping!


From what I see it’s a neon circle, and to make that you can search in toolbox “Mesh Pack” and there should be a ring in one of those and you can change the properties to your liking.

I remember that I once saw video in YouTube that didn’t use any model in toolbox. so I want to know how to make double layer like this with property in Roblox Studio.

They may be using a brightly colored particle emitter for that.

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This could be easily done in blender, make a sphere, duplicate it, enlarge it, go to mesh, go to normals then press flip normals.

In studio, get a sphere, colour it, enlarge it, colour it, put material as forcefield.