How to make Motor6D Rigid

I’m currently trying to make a system in which the user picks up an object. In order to do this, the user undergoes an animation showing them bend over and pick up the product. However, once the animation ends, the arms go back to their original positions instead of staying up. I tried changing the C0 values of the shoulder joints, and while this was effective for a stationary player, the arms move very crazily while walking. Is there a way to accomplish this in another way, or is there a way to limit the range of motion for a Motor6D object?

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Instead of setting Moter6D joints, you could just play a “holding object” animation. Just create an animation that is a loop of the player holding air. Now, once the player has successful ended the pick-up animation, go straight into the holding object animation. Make sure it is looped.


to add on to what Kudokali said, only add keyframes to the arms. that way, other animations like walking will override the legs, torso, head, but the arms will stay in the same place

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if you want the animation to actually grab the object (like aiming properly and locking onto it) then that is more complicated but not impossible and most likely requires what you were probably thinking of originally

You can use a script where the hand of the model/player is welded to the part after the animation happens. unless this thing you pick up is a tool?