How to make my ram ignore player physics?

I want my battering ram to not be affected by player physics while still being able to collide with the players, ive searched everywhere looking for an easy solution to this but there are none, so that’s why im posting this.

I have tried messing with the physicalproperties of the ram, but to no avail.

How you are supposed to push the ram:

What im trying to prevent:

Is there no solution to this other than just using tweenservice instead?

Now that im thinking about it im not sure if this belongs in Scripting Support lol.

You could try having it anchored, but unanchor it whenever a player starts to push it the right way.

Thanks for the response, I have tried doing that but the problem still remains, people can boost its’ speed by pushing it into the right direction or block it if theyre on the opposing side while it’s being pushed.

I want to make it ‘‘overpower’’ everything basically. So if you are standing in the way of it you get pushed away instead of you blocking the ram like a titan.

A solution for that could be to leave it anchored always, but push it forward using CFrame.

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yeah that’s what I was afraid of, ill wait for any other responses but I think ill just have to do that and send in a feature request on the forum :hidere: