How to make Npcs not bunch up?

Hi I would like to know how I can make NPCs not bunch up but like when aggro’d and if there’s 3 or more aggro’d they don’t just bunch up in line but like spread out while fighting the player? (I have an npc script and the fighting stuff down, however i’d like to know how i can make it spread out?) an example of spread out is this youtube video timeline:

Check out that video time line, you see how the other npc didn’t just barge in and attack too but waited for an opportunity to attack?

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Sorry to burst your bubble but studio and roblox is down. So no one can make that type of system. Unless they feel like writing the script here instead of studio.

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I’d either have a BoolValue that changes when an enemy starts attacking the player or when a magnitude check detects an NPC is too close to the player, making all other NPC’s stand Idle (once they are close enough) until this is no longer the case.


It’s ok i don’t really need a script to be written, i’ll be grateful with just some ideas on how this feature can be obtained

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