How to make one game get information from another?

Im trying to make a game that has multiple servers and want to save there data like money, level, etc on all the servers. (Like easy,med,hard)

I don’t know any variables i could use since i haven’t made a game yet. Iv been trying to find vids, websites, and even asked some friends but to no avail.

So far i have tried game.service &

Don’t write a script but give me something that works transferring data to another game (like test instead of money) because if you give me one that is missing a lot of stuff i will just be confused because i don’t even know what to do.

You can save data in a game for all its linked places.

How would i get the players key? In the article it just says (“player123”) which would only affect a user named player123
Edit: i want every single player to automatically get there own

You can do that by saving the key as something like userId


Your first save will create it.

Alright last thing. Could i put experienceStore:SetAsync()", 50) after defining it or would i always have to put

You don’t need to, but it’s a good idea to check the prior data in some cases.

Personally I don’t need to as the DataStore is secured.

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