How to make part look at mouse pointing position using bodygyro?


I’m trying to make a custom fps camera, and I have a part and that part will be the player’s camera how do I make that part rotate where the mouse is pointing at using bodygyro??

I tried using

bodygyro.CFrame = CFrame.New(part.Position,mouse.Hit.Position)
but that unfortunately didn’t work.

What is the current setup of the part (Take a screenshot of the explorer if possible)

it’s just a part with some welds inside nothing else

Is the part anchored, if it is then the bodygyro can’t do its work

nope the part is not anchored.

Let’s take a step back actually, why do you want the players camera to be a part?

since Roblox default fps camera is glitching my system i decided to make my own fps cam

also tbh i don’t like the default fps camera its kinda unsmooth and fast as well

I think its better to change your system in a way that supports the roblox default, because making your own can be quite the task