How to make particle fade away smoothly

My script

			if hit.Material == Enum.Material.Concrete or hit.Material == Enum.Material.Slate or hit.Material == Enum.Material.Brick or hit.Material == Enum.Material.Granite or hit.Material == Enum.Material.Marble or hit.Material == Enum.Material.Cobblestone then
				local soundplay = script.Parent.Sounds.Concrete:Clone()
				soundplay.Parent = hole
			elseif hit.Material == Enum.Material.Wood or hit.Material == Enum.Material.WoodPlanks then
				local soundplaywood = script.Parent.Sounds.Wood:Clone()
				soundplaywood.Parent = hole
			elseif hit.Material == Enum.Material.Metal or hit.Material == Enum.Material.CorrodedMetal or hit.Material == Enum.Material.DiamondPlate then
				local soundplaymetal = script.Parent.Sounds.Metal:Clone()
				soundplaymetal.Parent = hole
			elseif hit.Material == Enum.Material.Glass and hit.Name == "SpecialGlass" then
				local soundplaybroke = script.Parent.Sounds.Glass:Clone()
				soundplaybroke.Parent = hole
				local soundplaysmething = script.Parent.Sounds.Someting:Clone()
				soundplaysmething.Parent = hole

I’m have folder in gun where there are effects (it may be worth transferring the effects to replicated storage). I’m tried to make instance a part where will the effects be cloned with Enabled = true. And add game:GetService(“Debris”):AddItem(effectpart,0.05). But the particle will disappear abruptly as this part. I want to make sure that the particle is copied and Enabled. And disabled after a few seconds, but how to do it?

To make a particle fade away smoothly Tween the transparency.

Oh thanks, i’m forget about tween. And there is no wait() that won’t slow down the script. Thanks again!

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