How to make particles professionally?

The title is self explanatory, i want to know how i can make better particles. Make them look cooler and in general more professional.

Honestly the best thing you can do overall is just play with different settings and shapes for your particles to make them look how you like! The particle emitters have a lot of settings and such to play with, and usually if I’m going for a specific look and just mess with the settings for awhile they come out quite nice. Is there something specifically you’re having trouble with?

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Well maybe the texture of the particle itself?

I’d honestly recommend you use references or even just experimenting regarding what you’re shooting for. If you’re going for fire, try lots of different little glowing cinder shapes of all sorts and see which one fits the style you’re aiming for best? If you’re going for something more cartoony, perhaps swirls, little shapes, icons, etc? If you’re going for realism, trying different assortments of specks and spots might be more your speed. If you’re trying to capture a really specific look, creating your texture based off of an image reference might be what you need. Particles are art too, even if they’re really small art!

How do you make particles?
Is there a sort of software you use?

Just add a particle emitter to a part

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