How to make projectile stay connected to player?

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Hi, I’m trying to make a magic ability that comes from the player’s hands but, when the player moves it does not stay in the right place. For example if you run while using the ability, it will appear slightly behind where it is supposed to be.

I want it to stay in the right position, like in this video for example:
I tried to parent the projectile to the player but that didn’t do anything

The reason it’s behind is because of latency. You can’t do anything about this unless you do the effect on the client and use something like BindToRenderStep. Latency just makes the client and the server not in complete sync. Typically it’s behind just a little bit compared to the client.

I also tried making the projectile not move and doing it from a client script, but the projectile still didn’t stay with the player. I sort of want to do it like it’s done in the video so it stays attached to the hand for a while before firing.

I don’t know exactly what you’re doing but you can try welding