How to make rain that stops at object?

Confusing title, but I am trying to recreate rain I found in “Universal Studios Roblox” it seems to be parts that fall from the sky and then circles on the ground, I am trying to recreate this so I get the more roblox feel and for the cleaner look, any help?

Video of the rain ingame

If your doing this only when it hits the ground, you can find the ground position on the Y-axis and when the part position reaches the ground’s Y-axis position have it become the circle (assuming the ground is level at all points).

The game you’re talking about uses raycasting (rain can fall on moving objects like characters). A raycast is done from above (a height possibly based on the character’s height) and gets the floor’s position. You’ll also want the rain to be client sided, because otherwise it would lag replication trying to replicate all the drop’s positions and sizes. The drops should also only spawn around the character, to reduce the performance impact.