How to make script that makes this game possible?

Hi, i’m working on mini game , it’s bomb game where you have X bombs and Y squares on grid , the best example is event game from build a boat from RBX Battles this year, this video present this game video , soo i have this problem i don’t know how to check if generated combination is possible

As you can see, we have red squares that are possible to destroy, but green one that isn’t ,
i wan’t know how to make script never generate this green square, and every random combination is possible to beat by X number of bombs, i know it’s hard, but please help me
with thinking and maybe give me ideas what to do

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if i got it right, it’s pretty simple. otherwise just ignore this.

  • first generate the green squares randomly
  • then calculate all the trajectories (up, down, left, right, and the four diagonals) for each green square
  • generate the bombs randomly without any of them being on any trajectory of a green squares
  • calculates all trajectories for each bomb
  • generate the red squares randomly within the trajectories of the bombs
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Maybe a bit off-topic, but that green square is possible to hit:
image image

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