How to make the attachment?

Builders, who know how create the attachment?
Im trying use ‘Create’ in the Model > Create > Attachment,
im connect the parts, but it doesnt working.
Who know how make it?

I work with that all the time, but I need more info.
What does not work for you?
What is happening?

Hi, to add an attachment after clicking Model > Create > Attachment you need to click where you want to place the attachment. If you can’t see where you put an attachment then make sure that Model > Constraint Details (next to the create button) is turned on.

See this article for more info about attachments, constraints, and how to use them. I hope this helps!

Im solved this problem, bruh, this is so easy.
Just create the WeldConstaint in the model, then, select in the Part0 part, which needed to attachmenting, and Part1, main part, where the Part0 part.

Need to attachment Hair, but if we set the Anchored, animation dont be playing, then:
Hair staying on the head, then:
We need to attachment hair to head with WeldConstaint