How to make the tool not shake/move while walking

So basically the player is holding a tool and when the player walk, the tool shakes/move(which is normal).
robloxapp-20201101-1213219.wmv (630.4 KB)

when the players walks in this game the gun/tool barely shakes/move(I’m just using arsenal as example)

So how would I make the tool not shake/move, would I have to do something with the walk animation or something else?

Give it no animation and not anchor it to a players arm of body but rather following that spot.

The tool doesn’t have any animation, and its not anchor to the player arm it’s just a tool that the player is holding.

I know its been 4 month, but I think it’s important to give a valid response / solution.

Arsenal is using what is called a viewmodel, it dosen’t use normal tools. This way they can make custom gun bobble and sway. This has nothing to do with animation. It barely shakes because it’s using code to simulate gun bobble and gun sway.


sorry for bumping but what he meant is probably character animations, not tool animations