How to make the wheels stop wiggling

So i made a simple roblox car by roblox tutorial. But i have a problem here, the car i made was wiggled for no reason, i dont know what to do, i have tried to check the spring and other stuff but it still winggling.

The Video

any ideas ?

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May I have a model or file to recreate this? I might know the issue and it might be related to the springs.

The car
this is the model

Okay, so I got pretty lost trying to remake it, but I know this; the springs look weird and angled moving toward the hitbox part instead of the wheel mount, is this supposed to happen?

the hitbox is the part of the script for the game actually

Hmm, it seems you made the spring constraints to touch that instead of the wheel mount, is that supposed to happen (rephrasing bc you didn’t answer the question)

i dont know if it’s affecting the spring, is it?

Well, the spring is touching something that is not the wheel mount, but leaves the wheel mount useless, but is still supposed to be used. Also, in the video the wheels seemed to be glitching upward at times, so that leaves evidence for hitbox connection to blame.

alright, should i delete the hitbox ?

You don’t have to delete it, just fix the springs so they connect to the mounts instead of th e hitbox, which you can do by temporarily moving the hitbox into another location or cutting it then pasting it back later.

i have a feeling that the problem is in the drive script, cuz i have follow your instruction