How to make this move

Hi there, I’m trying to make a move alike the one in the example, I don’t know how to make some of the stuff and I’ve ran into problems. There’s three animation, a start animation which will make the player jump up, the second will be the main aerial ace animation and the last will be the player landing. The first thing is I don’t know is how to make it so the second animation position start of with the same position where the start animation ended of with. The second thing is, I don’t know how to detect it when the player land so, I can stop the animation and start the land animation. The third thing I don’t know how to do, is to make it so the player do this and land at the mouse position, thanks.

example(yt:Noclypso, game: hero ultimatum)

When animating all those things can be put into the once animation

Upon completing the animation, if you’ve animated properly the animation will end on it’s own as they have “time limits”

I’m not sure how to animate it so that the player lands at the players cursor.

Maybe try this link: Humanoid | Roblox Creator Documentation (It just shows you how to play an animation)

Ik how to make a animation like that and it would all be in one animation but the thing is, it would be different if the player will land in the mouse position.

You would either have to use




ye, but I don’t know how to make it so the player lands there with the animation, I don’t want to make the player teleport there.

try to use BodyPosition

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Bodyposition seems like the way to make it so the player lands at the mouse position but do you know how to make it so the player position, is the same as the pevious animation position when it ended of.

Nevermind forget about that, it’s alright, I will just have it without a jump animation at the start