How to make this script disable something that's inside of the player?

I’ve got this revive script inside ServerScriptService and some crouching and sprinting scripts inside of the player in StarterCharacterScripts. How do I call those two scripts from the revive script inside ServerScriptService and disable them, so that the player doesn’t start sprinting around or crouching while reviving/downed?

I’m sorry, I read it wrong. Show me your revive script.

There’s a bool inside localscripts called “Disabled”. U can tick it to true via script when reviving or downed.

Example code:

--im going to assume u already have the variables for the character and to check if ur reviving or downed and whatnot so you'd just have to find the sprint/crouch script inside the character and disable it

character:FindFirstChild("SprintScript").Disabled = true

Would you be able to provide the script you’re looking to get assistance with?