How to make tweens less smooth/change the time between each tween update?

Im trying to make tweens look less smooth, i remember some kind of setting on tweens that sets how much time there is between each update on the tween but i cant find it.

Is this something i just dreamed up or does it actually exist? and if no, what should i do instead to get this effect?

You’re probably talking about either EasingStyle or EasingDirection. Both can be used to change how the tween interpolates from state A to state B.

Specifically, EasingStyle controls the motion of a Tween and EasingDirection controls the direction the EasingStyle is applied in.

You’d use these with TweenInfo when creating a Tween.

one thing you can do is tween a value and after every interval of your choice you update the object. or just use lerp or some formulas to do it.

i did think of using the GetValue() method… if i cant find any other way ill use this then, but it’ll be super tedious to do it for every value

You can use BoatTween module to change how the value is incremented.

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