How to make ui (15 Characters)

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? I want to make UI like Ted | Game Artist For Hire [UI/UX/GFX/Particle FX/Texturing] I have every adobe app

  2. **What solutions have you tried so far? looking on yt I barley found anything

Please include more information in your next post. Most people do not know what you are talking about. However, I will give you my advice:

That UI Designer spends a lot of time on his UI’s, making many images in Photoshop. For every image that is not a default Roblox UI frame, he makes an image and puts it inside the UI. If you are a starter in UI Designing, you should follow beginner’s tutorials such as this. Over time, you will get used to a frame’s properties such as ZIndex and other properties. Now, let’s get to the categories.

Making A GUI

When you are starting to make a GUI, you should start by making images in Adobe Photoshop. Make sure to make these images have high-resolution, as low-resolution images in Roblox Studio doesn’t appeal to the eye. Using your choice Adobe photoshop, you should start making Cartoony UI’s. Cartoony UI’s are usually round and something you would see in a cartoon.



After achieving this goal, you want to redo this many times to get used to making these.

New UI Designs

When you think you have perfected the Cartoony-theme, you should ask other Developers their opinion on your GUI. If Developers don’t enjoy your GUI, I suggest you re-attempt to perfect the Cartoony-theme once again. When you have successfully gotten other Developers to enjoy your design, you should consider moving towards different UI-designs. When you are moving on from those designs, you move towards adventurous designs such as:

You should perfect this theme as well, getting other Developer’s opinions on them.

Experimenting With New Themes And Being Hired

When you have perfected at least 2 themes, you should start experimenting with different UI-designs. At this point, you should consider being hired and make a portfolio. (Don’t ask for a price on your UI’s, that’s not allowed on the Devforum)

I hope you found my tutorial helpful. It can take years to truly perfect UI-designs.