How to make your character wiggle in mid air?

So im currently working on my game Blasphemian, and i was fully revamping the blood and ragdoll. While revamping the ragdoll, i was thinking about making your character wiggle while falling from a high height, something like what youd see happening on GTA IV or GTA V euphoria but OBVIOUSLY in a less complex way since roblox engine lets say… Isnt the best (no offense):

I was thinking about using AngularVelocity but on other tests with ragdoll and angularvelocity it didnt work well

You could just use an animation…


you cant run animations with ballsocketconstraints

Check out Lerping and TweenService.

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i also tried lerping in the past but it didnt work well, since it was lerping my current position based on random vectors, which would make your velocity be weird

I think for this one, would probably be using ray cast, check if the player is far from ground level, or checking the velocity of the character and changing the state of the humanoid to ragdoll.

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thanks but thats not my question, im trying to make your character wiggle while in mid air, i have the ragdoll in mid air system already, i just dont know how to make the character orientation change randomly in mid air like if he was wiggling trying to hold on something

Just use the fall animation.

Well since you cannot animate a “ragdoll” with ball sockets, when the player is in air you can try to mess with limits of the socket and force the ball socket to rotate so the arms and legs are faced up to give the “falling” effect. just try messing around with ball socket properties

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