How to manage group from game

And when i have hosting???

You would use HttpService:PostAsync to send data to your server. Then, using the results posted on your web server, you would use some kind of roblox bot to manage group ranks. There are no officially roblox supported bots, so you would have to find a community created one.

Unless you have a hosting platform and a web server easily set up, it’s not a easily viable option.

What do you think with

I have 20Gb server that work with php files

Javascript and PHP may not be the route to go. In my past research I’ve found there are several roblox bot libraries, but most of them are in Node.JS. If you could host a node.js program on a certain domain, that would be the best currently viable solution. Another option would be to send the players name to third party software, where you could manually change roles.

Most of the games that do this have a complicated server setup where they pay for hosting, so it depends on your budget and how much of a background you have.

For details on certain libraries, I’m sure there are topics about how to set them up properly. Try to start there, and build up from it.

Yes, i also pay for hosting, but i realy dont understand this

because javascript is client side, and php is server side

Node.js is a tool you can use to run Javascript outside of your browser. Noblox.js is a nodejs package that messes with Roblox API endpoints. If you’re running Ubuntu or a similar linux distro then you can find installation instructions for node here. Once you have it installed you can find a noblox.js based example server here. Download the noblox.js-server repository then extract the files to a folder you want. Navigate that folder in command line and run node server.js. This will start the server. I’d advise you to use PM2 as a daemon in the background to run the server, or else you it would stop when you exit your session. The documentation for the noblox.js-server is here.

On the Roblox side of things they already have made a module for your convenience. An example using this module (from the github page):

local server = require(script.Parent.Server)
local domain = '' -- Make sure there is no http:// in here!
local key = 'NEVER_PUT_PRIVATE_KEYS_IN_SOURCE_CODE' -- Was in the example from github lol. I don't think it is real.
local groupId = 18
local userId = game:GetService'Players':GetUserIdFromNameAsync'Shedletsky'
local api = server(domain, key, groupId)
print(api.message(userId, 'Subject', 'Body').message)

If you have any other questions about Node or web servers in general feel free to dm me and I’ll do my best to help.

How to run this also on PHP hosting.

This isn’t a PHP library and I haven’t seen many of them around. Can you expand on what you mean by PHP hosting? What host are you using? Most places will allow you to install other things like this. If you really want to use PHP then you’ll have to write your own web server yourself and then look at some of the endpoints that the noblox.js works with, although you should just be able to follow the instructions here.

I am not pro at this, I know, how to program in PHP, but I really don’t know how to install library for Node.js to hosting, that work with PHP files. I event don’t clearly understand what Node.js is.

Noblox.js doesn’t have anything to do with PHP, but you won’t need knowledge of nodejs programming to get this running, just some basic unix command line knowledge.

First things first open your SSH client and connect to the server you’re using. Once you’ve done this you can then run the command hostnamectl to find what version of Linux you’re running (This also works on windows but I’m assuming you’re using Linux for this). Follow the installation commands here. Once you’ve installed Node, first run hte command npm install pm2 -g to install pm2 on the machine. Next, open your FTP client and connect to the server. Navigate to the folder you want the server to be located in, download this and put the files inside the folder. In your SSH client again navigate to the folder and run pm2 start server.js. The question from the OP has been answered so if you need more help actually setting it up then send me a dm on devforum.

I have only hosting, NOT server.

I have sent you a direct message to continue the discussion.

Hey there!

I am one of the Noblox-js-server maintainers (I keep it upto date on my own github) if you need help with this feel free to send a dm, I will be happy to answer any questions or issues.

BillyH - :cake:#8708

Ok thx…

Ok so server admin saied, that there isnt node.js on their servers, so pls do you know about any library in php, or how to make it

I’m little bit confused, mind explaining a bit more?

i have 20gb hosting, sry for confusion

If you can’t get SSH access then you’re probably best to just use a private project. It shuts down after a while of inactivity and has to start back up, but it is still pretty great and I’ve seen many people use it before. As I said in the DM, click new project, clone from git repo, and paste in Then you can configure settings.json with your bots authentication token and a private key.

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