How to manage Hundreds/Thousands of NPCs?

I’m trying to do a MMORPG and I had the crazy idea of simulate hundreds of npcs.
So before come here, I researched a bit.
(First, I isn’t here to beg codes, I only need a good person to say me the way I need to go).

-How to render Npcs on Client?
-Humanoid or Animation Controller?
-MoveTo(), BodyVelocity or CFrame Loop?
-MainZombieScript with MoveRandom, CheckDistanceBetweenZombieAndPlayer in Client or ServerSide.

Basically what i need is tips of how to optimize, to have as many npcs as possible.
(Sorry if sentences is weird, studying english at moment).

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One of the best optimizations you can do is not load enemies on the server. Instead of adding all those parts to the server, instead just have all the enemies be a bunch of invisible balls and load the actual character models in on the client. This has the added benefit of being able to chose when enemies are loaded, and at what distance from the player the animations should be played at for example.

Edit: They don’t have to be balls or even invisible. Point is that’s all the server sees and that’s all the server has to replicate. This method lets you get away with tons of npcs at once.

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