How to mitigate the power increase from teaming in PVP games?

So, I been playing RPG/PVP games for while, most notable one being Rogue Lineage. Something I noticed while playing these games is the dramatic power difference when players start to team up on solo players. Resulting in the solo players complaining about feeling powerless against teams of players. My question is that, how exactly can this be combated? I know fundamentally, 1v10s would never be able to happen, but how could you enable things like 1v3s to be possible? Basically, how could you lessen the gap in power between a team of people and a solo player?

You could make the solo player have Indiana Jones actions available to them like holding a enemy teammate hostage; it could also be parrying a enemies sword at his teammate.
Another thing you could do is simply making the script detect multiple damaging inputs for the solo player and lower the solo players damage multiplier or something.

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