How to move or edit grouped models on script?

  1. I want to move models (Grouped Models) like moving part with scripts

  2. I didn’t find any solution about that.

That’s my script to move object.

local model = script.Parent
local block = script.Parent.Base -- That's the model
local start = script.Parent.Start
local finish = script.Parent.Finish
local bodyPosition = block.BodyPosition

while true do
	bodyPosition.position = start.Position
	wait(3) -- Second
	bodyPosition.position = finish.Position
	wait(3) -- Second

What I have to do?

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In order to move them as a group, weld the parts together (either with a weld or a weldconstraint).
I’d recomend you check this:


Can I edit the parts that inside of group. Like game.Workspace.Part.Script? But its like game.Workspace.[“Part”]

Yes you can, I’m pretty sure

Edit: (example)

local part1 = game.Workspace.YOUR_MODEL.part1
part1.BrickColor.... (if you meant that)
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