How to move part using velocity to ray hit?

I want to raycast and then move an object using basepart.velocity towards the ray hit. Think of throwing a ball, raycasting to get the hit and then using velocity to move the ball to ray hit to make it look like the ball was thrown. How would one do this?

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Well, it entirely depends on the scenario you want to approach it on

Are you wanting to get the Mouse’s Position for casting the Ray’s Direction?

No, i already have the ray casted. What I need to know is how to move a part to the ray hit using velocity

I believe you could just set the AssemblyLinearVelocity property & assign its variables to the Direction that was cast by the Ray, if that’s what you’re getting at? Of course, you’d probably need to implement a sanity check if the Ray did hit a Part Instance or not

local RayInstance = RayResult.Instance

if RayInstance then
    RayInstance.AssemblyLinearVelocity = Direction

Either that or you could use a BodyVelocity to move the Part