How to move particle object/part to moving player?

What I want to make is to make a part keep moving towards a player despite if they are moving. Right now, I have a tween thing and it tweens to their last position they were in, but the problem is that they move around so it would look weird tweening to an old position. I’m sure there’s way to do this with maybe lerping. but I’m not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

You know what you could do is you could use body forces. Basically we can form a vector from 2 points by doing tail - head. With that in mind we can use that unit vector as our basis and apply a scalar which is gravity multiplied by our weight. Now from this we can apply another scale factor to make it go faster or slower at a linear rate. Just while wait() do this now with it constantly changing the vector force

Never thought of that! I’ll try that.

Could you happen to explain it a bit more or give an example?

What specifically do you want me to explain more?

What do you mean by heads and tails, like a 50/ 50?

I made an article about this a century ago

But in simple terms vectors describe direction and length. We can describe the “starting point” of that vector as the tail and the end of it as the head (do note unlike rays values outside this range are still defined its that the magnitude is defined as the distance between these points)

Okay, I’ve made it go from wherever the part is to the player’s humanoidrootpart cframe, but it slides to on the floor. How would I make it float or have anti gravity? Is it the other things like the gravity * weight or something?

There’s modules which deal with this with spherical stuff but in reality you could probably sneak around this and do it the hacky way by just removing the f=ma part of the equation and just use body velocity instead

So, instead of using a body force you could just use a body velocity?

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