How to not let a player ragdoll (with custom Startercharacter)

Hello fellow programmers,

I am trying to work something out. I have a almost square torso for the startercharacter.

But the problem here is, that if you dash (makes you go with speed, see in the vid) and half of the torso touches a part, it will flip around like crazy. Here’s a script i made. (it doesn’t work) Can somebody help me fix this problem?

	if newState == Enum.HumanoidStateType.FallingDown or Enum.HumanoidStateType.Running then

If the torso is a single BasePart instance try setting its “Density” property to a really high value.


You may need to play around with the value until you get the desired result.

Still doesn’t work i tried a lot of densities), i put it to 100 and it doesn’t help. Normaly i had the desity on 0.1. but if the desity is 100 ,every unanchored part will fly away (wery far) so thats also not want i want.

(also i set everything to 0 because the character bounces a bit if its not 0, but i just tell you so you know)
Ps: i tried a lot of different densities, but none worked.

(yes its 1 part)