How to not publish when import mesh

When I import mesh, they are all published as my creation.

This is embarassing. Can I not publish them when I import mesh?

I guess someone has asked the same question but I fail to find similar post.


One short answer would be no,

Because Roblox games must be small, you can’t save any model or image in the place itself what you’re doing is that you upload the model on their servers and then you tell the game that you want to download that mesh file and apply the properties. This is like this in order to make loading quicker!

There might be a solution however , you could make another account and upload the models there.

Thanks for answer!

If every asset is auto published, can I use anyone’s asset in my own game? And anyone can use my asset?

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Yes sadly they can, but you’re allowed to report them and take them down because you practically own them.

Asset theft is a common thing actually but you can file a DMCA requests to get them removed

But it’s not that easy to do now that you have the meshes on another account but still possible to leak it.

Wow, this is helpful.

I do need a second account now.

I also find out that I can hide my inventory, which seems another solution.

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