How to only change X and Y value of a union?

Hello robloxians.

I am wanting to make a barrier/storm for a battle royale game.

And for that I need to make/have a hollow cylinder which shrinks. Well, I know how to change the X and Y axis for a cylinder. But in order to make a hollow one I need to make it a union. And when I change any og the sizes, x,y or z. All of them change. So it keeps the same ratio all the time.

So, I figured out I needed to use a mesh in order to do it. But is there any way I can use a union/part?

Also, to add in order to get like a forcefield effect on the edges and stuff. Can I use a prt for that or do I need to use a mesh for that?

Anyways, What would you reccomend for me to do in order to get a forcefield effect and make a shrinking barrier? Thanks!

You can’t think of union as a traditional basePart, you can’t scale it on a specific axis. What you should do is use a cylinder with some sort of texture.

But it needs to be hollow…

So I cannoy use a normal cylinder basepart

No… it doesn’t. You can still have the EXACT same effect when EVERYONE are inside it. It will appear hollow from the inside.

From a scripting perspective, you can just check if they’re inside of it, if not -> player takes damage.

IN FACT, every battle royale like fortnite and pubg doesn’t have hollow meshes. That is just what it looks from the inside.