How to optimize servers with hundreds of people or more?

I want to make a game where hundreds of people are playing on a server at the same time, so how do I optimize the game as a whole, and is there anything I should pay special attention to in game production?
There is another question. I want to know whether the resources allocated by roblox are the same for a game server with an upper limit of 10 people and a game server with an upper limit of several hundred people? Or will it continue to increase or decrease based on the player number of servers?

I asked the roblox staff and got the answer.

What answers? I would think having a big map, and and small render distance would do it.

I asked some questions about whether the resource allocation of servers with different upper limits is different, and got a positive answer.

A positive answer? Could you please elaborate so that people other than yourself can benefit from this information?