How to override lame tool animation?

How do I override this fugly hand sticking out animation with a custom idle animation of my own?

Create connections for Tool.Eqipped and Tool.Unequipped and play the animation if they’re equipping it, and cancel it if they’re unequipping it. Make sure priority is set to action.

I have to have it in the server script right?

Either would work, but Roblox recommends that you handle animations on the client. Whatever works for you.

or should I be using the tool.Equipped connections in a local script and fire the event to the server?

Then how will the other players see the animation?

Animations actually replicate to the server. If your system is using a serverscript in the first place and you don’t want to involve the client you don’t have to handle it there. I don’t believe it would create any noticeable difference. If you want to handle it on the server for convenience, go for it.

I see, thank you so much man. :smiley:

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