How to plan out the release of my simulator?

So I have a new simulator coming out and I have a few questions that I would like to be answered by users with experience or knowledge in releasing games:

  1. How much robux is necessary to release a game so it has a good playerbase that lasts at least a month?
  2. What should I use to advertise, sponserships or advertisements? If I should use advertisements, what types are the best?
  3. Is it required to have compatibility on mobile and xbox to make a decent earning simulator?

Answer any of these if you can. Any help is appreciated!


1: You don’t need any Robux to maintain a playerbase; you need a solid game. You can’t buy a playerbase. Spending Robux gets players to come to your game once, if they like it, they come back, thus forming a playerbase. If you want players, you’ll need Robux, but if you want a playerbase, you’ll need a good game. I released my game (it’s not a simulator but close enough in essence) on a budget of 18K Robux from selling limiteds. In a few months, I had 400K Robux in my group. I’m not saying that my game was good (because it was actually really bad), it was just really well monetized and the general feedback I get is that they liked it because it had cool graphics compared to the competing game in the market.

2: I would go with sponsorships only. That’s what I did and it worked well, but every game is different. Don’t spend all your Robux at once, do small test runs to test your sponsorship or advertisement. If you’re not making profit, go and rework some aspects of monetization or gameplay before you spend your entire budget. Once you feel your game is in a good place, split the budget over multiple days instead of spending it all in one day.

3: Mobile and Xbox certainly helps, but is not required. My game had mobile enabled for a little while before we had a botting attack that developer stats showed to be coming from mobile, but in that time it only generated about 1% of our revenue. Again, every game is different and mine wasn’t particularly well suited to mobile. Whether or not you have mobile or Xbox support is up to you and how you feel your game would perform on those platforms.


Hi, I’ll answer these questions to the best of my ability.
Everything vastqud said I agree with.

Sponsoring is way better than advertising, and I recommend spending at least 10k+ for a good player base that lasts at least a month. Keep in mind your graphics, title, and game, in general, can determine how many players you get and how many stay. If you do an advertisement, then I find that banner advertisements get more impressions. I’d say to go sponsoring all the way through.

Mobile and xbox compatibility is great, but you don’t need it at all. I’m really looking forward to seeing how your simulator does, and if you ever need someone to test or need anything then feel free to message me! Good luck!


For a budget on a simulator, I’d spend around 10k - 20k doing sponserships / advertisements. Mobile support should be added, as not many users play simulators on PC. Xbox is a relatively small playerbase but support for it should still be built in too.


I don’t feel like the game would be very popular on xbox because the compatibility isn’t all the way scripted and I have no way to test on xbox.


You can test on Xbox by pluging in a controller on your PC or using the Xbox emulator on Roblox Studio.


I don’t have a controller for xbox and the xbox emulator doesn’t have a controller.

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I have an answer for the 3rd question and that is making it compatible with Mobile and Xbox because there are a lot of players from those devices that are willing to play simulators and it would also attract players to play with their Phones and play while they aren’t near their main device that they use. :thinking: