How to play animations

Hello guys,

I have pretty trivial question.
How to play animation. So its simple but also not.
How can I play animation for everyone.
I want play animation in model also in character, these animations are custom.
If I know correctly, custom animations are playing by local scripts but its not good solutions for me because everyone need to see that.

Or should I use remote event to fire server then FireAllClients to play same animation ?

Thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

This is off-topic, try using #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

This should answer at least part of your question: How do I play an animation when the player touches the part? - #54 by NeoGaming_RBLX

Sorry that I canโ€™t help with the rest.

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yes, I noticed also I put in wrong thread, thank you.

Playing animations is not so hard for local player, but I am interested about something like server run animation or something like that

Ok, I donโ€™t know then.

Ok sorry, normal script work too I dont know why I think its not working