How To Prevent Part CFrame From Swinging?

This is the current code I’ve written, I’ve tried a lot stuff but I’m not that good at CFrame.

Character.Left_Part.CFrame = Torso.CFrame *, -Torso.Size.Y/2 - LeftLeg.Size.Y - 1,0))

Green Part Is How I want it to be located no matter how the player has tilted

Have you considered offsetting the position with Vector3 and not CFrame? This would be a good option if you don’t care about the rotation of the block.

If you want to retain the rotation of the torso onto the block, you can make it so the block CFrame is equal to the Torso.Cframe.Rotation

You could use AlignPosition to keep it at one spot and AlignOrientation to point it the right direction.