How to prevent scamming when taking offers from the recruitment category?

The title really explains what I’m trying to discus, but I will explain anyway. Some of us take up the offers for development from the recruitment category of the forum because its a good way to find something to develop on. But is it really safe?

It was brought to my attention after seeing this:

My interpretation of this is that it seems that scamming people is entirely possible as there wouldn’t be a need for a “Responsibility Statement”.

We could spend hours working with people just for them to block us and take the assets we worked one with them. So I wanted to ask if there is any secure way of developing through these channels and if you get scammed if there is a way to report it, because discussions about development usually take place on a 3rd party website.

Also I would like to find out Roblox’s stance on this sort of thing, because it would be a shame if developers were restricted because of the minority taking advantage.

  • I do not use the “Recruitment” category on Roblox DevForum to find development teams?
  • I do use the “Recruitment” category on Roblox DevForum to find development teams?

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First thing: I’ll be moving this over to #forum-feedback since it’s a Discussion about the Collaboration category. This may be incorrect and can be countermanded if appropriate.

Obligatory IANAL, I am not staff and this is an anecdotal post.

There’s a few rights and wrongs about the pictured comment itself.

  1. RIGHT - Developer disputes are between the involved parties, not Roblox. Roblox will not mediate for issues between parties and those are for you to resolve either privately or elevated to a legal level (I recommend seeking advice from a lawyer regarding this before proceeding, if it’s worth it to begin with and depending on the circumstances). They will only handle active rule violations that they can vet via official site channels.

  2. RIGHT - Responsibility for the actions of the team, if moderation needs to intervene, will be levelled against the team leader first. If necessary, action will be followed up against members if they have explicitly also broken any rules.

  3. WRONG - Every individual holds responsibility for their own posts on the Developer Forum. If that person breaks a DevForum rule, it is their responsibility, not the group owner’s. Blame shifting here doesn’t work, so if there is a problem with that post then it is their burden to shoulder.

  4. WRONG - Unless the poster is a part of the team with significant control over the project, proxy posting (posting something for another user) is not allowed. For Collaboration, non-team leaders posting offers is discouraged because they can’t necessarily make guarantees for the owner.

That aside, your post.

I think the simple answer is that if someone has to make such a highlighted claim of responsibilities like this outside of a contractual agreement that covers other areas of liability and the like, then there’s potentially a higher possibility that something can go wrong and you should stay away from that.

A good offer will imply basic responsibilities and expectations to be upheld (completion of assignment, payment for services, etc) and formally institute them via a signed agreement between the contractor and the client privately, rarely publicly.

These are wild cards and there’s no determining factor as to whether the offer is safe or not, so you need to make that call on your own. If there is an abundantly clear issue with the post, then you should also flag it so moderation can handle the post.


If you wish to prevent scamming from within the catagrpry there is a failsafe solution.

Don’t use the category!

If your looking for work it’s always better to build up a social network with your insurance being your reputation.

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True, however for small developers there needs to be a start point, people without many contacts will have to resort to the category. Saying not to use it undermines the point of having one and the amount of request posted and accepted daily.

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