How to publish models through command line?

So I’m doing something which uses insert service to update a model remotely, I used this method so not all changes I made to the model appears in the final game, and I can publish it once the model is in a stable state. However, I worry I will make a mistake and publish the wrong model, therefore erasing the model I chose by accident. Is there an easy way of making sure I don’t publish to the wrong model?

I wanted to see if there is a command line method which can reliably do this task.

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You can’t directly. You need the command line to proxy as a plugin via use of the PluginManager to have access to the plugin method SaveSelectedToRoblox.

Regarding accidentally publishing the model, you can use a trick called being careful. This is the single best and only method to avoid publishing the wrong thing. I mean, at the cost of some arduous hunting, you can download past versions of the model and upload them over mistake uploads to “undo” the issue.

You could also just use packages, since this is what they’re designed for. Reusable game assets that you can take anywhere, make a tweak and update all in-use copies in games. As for updating, you can never go wrong and publish wrongly, since publishing changes is as simple as having an option in the context menu (Right click → Publish → Done, no window and no accidents). You can also go back to other package versions by editing the Version property on the PackageLink.