How to put a image label in a middle of a MeshPart?

I know I can use Decal, or a SurfaceGui then an ImageLabel to attach an image to a part, but the image will always be positioned in the chosen face: Top, Back, Left, etc.
But I want to position an image in the middle of the MeshPart, as below:

Is there a way to shift the image on the Y-axis?

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Create a part, drag it to the place where you want the decal to be, make the part invisible, put the decal on the invisible part! (You should probably group the mesh and the part)


There is no way to do this other than adding another part or using a beam (which would be terribly inefficient).

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@MartimDev @PseudoPerson
Since it’s not possible to move an ImageLabel on the Y-axis of a Part, I decide to “break” the original Blender object into multiple objects, so I’ll have more control and precision.